Woman Jumps Off Of High Rise and Kills Her Son After Getting a Botched Nose Job

Anna Ozhigova was very depressed after she had gotten a botched nose job. She felt like she could no longer smile because of the muscle under her nose and that her nostrils looked too big. It didn’t help that her husband would “oink” at her, insinuating that she looked like a pig now. This all led up to the horrific day that she took her own life and her son’s.

From America Now:

A mother jumped to her death while holding her 8-year-old son in her arms after a botched surgical procedure caused her to become depressed.

The incident occurred on Oct. 13. Anna Ozhigova, 33, jumped from her parents’ high-rise apartment while holding her 8-year-old son, Gleb, in her arms, the Daily Mail reported.

The child, who was sleeping at the time, was found close to Ozhigova’s body, officials told a local newspaper.

Ozhigova had recently undergone plastic surgery. The botched nose job left her with oversized nostrils that made her look like a “pig,” she told a friend on social media.

The botched surgery also caused her to split from her husband, Oleg Ponomarev. Ponomarev would reportedly make fun of Ozhigova, and “oink” at her.

In my opinion, there was a lot more than a botched nose job that caused her to get to the point of a murder/suicide. The husband making fun of the surgery she got and “oinking” at her is a bright red flag. Knowing how sensitive she was over the results, the “oinking” starts to become emotional abuse. But that’s just me, what do you think?

Below are the before and after shots of her nose job.







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