Wikileaks’ Julian Assange agrees to be extradited to America to serve time in prison

Looks like Julian Assange from Wikileaks is keeping his word. His lawyer announced that Assange is standing by everything he has said. Referring to the promise he made Obama if he pardoned “Chelsea” Manning.

From The Blaze:

Last year, the editor-in-chief of Wikileaks Julian Assange made the promise that if Bradley – now known as Chelsea – Manning was pardoned, then he would agree to come to the United States to serve time in prison.

As TheBlaze has reported earlier, Chelsea Manning’s sentence has been commuted by President Barack Obama, and now it seems that Assange is going to stick by his word. The Wikileaks account tweeted this statement from Assange’s lawyer out just hours after Manning was pardoned.

Assange has been living at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, hiding out from the United States since he published classified intel given to him by Manning. Assange was also integral to much of the information released during the 2016 presidential election that exposed many private emails sent between Democratic party officials.

It would appear that Wikileaks is already gearing up for a prolonged court battle, as they have also tweeted out a defense fund that has been created for Assange in case of such an event as this one.

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