White House: ‘Muslim Ban’ Hysteria is ‘Ludicrous’

Libs are having a hard time differentiating between immigrant and ILLEGAL immigrant, Muslim and RADICAL ISLAMIC. What President Trump is doing is simple and he’s doing it for the good of America. See what his administration had to say below…

From Breitbart:

The Donald Trump administration pushed back this weekend against the media-fueled uproar against the executive order implemented on Friday restricting immigration and travel from seven high-risk countries in the Middle East.

“The United States admits, from the Muslim majority countries of the world, more people every year than any other country on earth that is not itself a member of that region,” a senior official explained to reporters at the White House on Saturday, adding that “the notion that this is a Muslim ban is ludicrous.”

Protests against Trump’s action are growing in activist hotbeds of the country, particularly in New York City, Washington D.C., and California, accusing the president of banning Muslims from the United States.

Comparing this executive action to Hitler is ludicrous!

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