Watters of Fox News Confronts Man Who Harassed Ivanka Trump on JFK Flight

The liberal attorney who harassed Ivanka Trump at JFK International Airport wasn’t so cocky when Jesse Watters of Fox News caught up with him. He covered his face and refused to respond to any questions or even take the chance to apologize.



From Fox News:

Jesse Watters caught up with a liberal attorney who, along with his college professor husband, harassed Ivanka Trump and her children last month on a flight on the JFK International Airport tarmac.

On December 22, Professor Matthew Lasner, of Hunter College in Manhattan, filmed the incident while husband Daniel Goldstein began shouting at Trump:

“Your father is ruining our country.

You should be flying private.

Now you are ruining our flight.”

A now-deleted Tweet from Lasner recounted Goldstein allegedly “chasing down to harass” Trump in Terminal 5 of the Queens, N.Y. airport, before they boarded their flight.

JetBlue airlines kicked the men off the flight.

Watters questioned Goldstein on a New York City street:

While they walked, Goldstein held his jacket hood shut and refused to acknowledge Watters.

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