WATCH: Flood Rains Turn Australia’s Uluru National Park Into This Beautiful Wonderland!

Record rain fall hit the National Park during Christmas and the transformation that resulted is amazing. Several tourists got to experience this beauty in person. They captured stunning photos and video too. It’s a waterfall wonderland, you have to see this!

From Smithsoniam:

Uluru, the large, iconic red-orange sandstone formation in Australia’s Western Desert, otherwise known as Ayers Rock, is beautiful and impressive under clear skies. But a massive rainstorm that took place this past weekend transformed this natural feature—a symbol of the land’s harsh, arid climate—into a stunning display of waterfalls, reports Josh Butler at Huffington Post Australia.

 According to Neda Vanovac at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, about nine inches of rain fell on the tourist attraction over a 24-hour period, with 2.4 inches of that falling in a single hour Sunday night. The Bureau of Meteorology deemed the downpour a once-in-50-year rainfall event, Vanovac reports.
Uluru Waterfall

In another story for ABC, Vanovac reports that one family had just finished a six-mile hike around the base of Uluru when the rains began. Lee and Bianca Hewes along their two sons and nephew took shelter in a cave decorated with 30,000-year-old rock art at the Mutitjulu Waterhole on Christmas Day to watch the floods unfold.

“The water was flowing straight off the rock, it was amazing, it was just a massive inundation,” Lee Hewes tells Vanovac. “We were lucky to see it, we were quite excited.”

Wow, this is so beautiful. Amazing pictures of the beauty of nature. God’s creation in all it’s glory! Share this with your family and friends!

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