Watch: TRUMP Holds DISHONEST MEDIA Accountable. NBC Cuts 9 Minutes From Kellyanne Conway Interview…Trump EXPOSES Them On Twitter

On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Chuck Todd goes back and forth with Kellyanne Conway, trying to push the Russian hacking agenda to discredit Trump. Conway kept it cool and laid down the facts. NBC didn’t like this and ended up cutting 9 of the 10 minutes with her.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

Throughout his interview, crybaby host Chuck Todd tries without success to pin this alleged hacking by Russia on Trump. He also tried to convince his viewers that Hillary lost the election because of the emails that exposed the dirty dealings and the hate the Democrat Party and Democrat operatives have for everyday Americans.

 Kellyanne Conway won’t allow him to distort the truth and control the narrative however, and Todd becomes visibly agitated with her, which likely is the reason they wouldn’t air the entire interview. After all, why would they want to have their viewers witness the meltdown of their premier Sunday morning host.

Donald Trump calls NBC out for editing her interview…


Watch the full interview which was posted online…


What do you think about NBC’s choice to cut Kellyanne Conway’s interview like that?

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