Transgender man sues Catholic hospital for refusing to perform hysterectomy

A Catholic hospital in New Jersey is being sued by a transgender man because they refused to do a hysterectomy on “him.”  Jionni Conforti, 33, ended up getting the procedure elsewhere.


From The Blaze:

“I felt completely disrespected as a person,” Conforti told the AP. “That’s not how any hospital should treat any person regardless of who they are. A hospital is a place where you should feel safe and taken care of. Instead I felt like I was rejected and humiliated.”

Citing the high rate of suicide in the transgender community, Conforti said the experience caused him, too, to struggle with depression.

“Anything can trigger that,” Conforti said. “Something may seem small, but to a trans person, it’s not. This is a big thing that happened. I want it to change. I don’t want other trans people to have to go through and feel what I felt.”

A spokeswoman for the hospital did not immediately return TheBlaze’s request for comment.

In a statement provided to the Washington Post, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center said it is “a leading Catholic healthcare institution serving one of the most diverse and underserved populations in New Jersey” and that it follows the directives for Catholic hospitals set by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The directives forbid “procedures that induce sterility” — such as hysterectomies — in all but grave circumstances where alternative treatment would not suffice.

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