NO WAY! The ‘Screw Our President’ Kid Who Started Fire at Anti-Trump Party is Son of THIS Famous Celebrity

The “screw our president” kid isn’t just any kid off the street. His dad is actually very well known, you’ll never guess who he is! Keep reading to see the unlikely father…



From IJR:

Last week, as the celebrations—and you might have missed it, the protests—were taking place for the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, one moment caused many Americans to ponder: ‘Little boy, where are your parents?’

Interviewed on Fox News at an anti-Trump rally outside an alt-right Deplora-ball shindig in the nation’s capital, a boy was asked about a mini-bonfire that was ignited outside the National Press Club.

Turns out? Kid did it.

Not only did the kid do it, he was proud of it.

“Screw our president,” he said, before scurrying off into the night, never to be seen again.

Or so America thought.

Well, it looks like that mystery has been solved, and it leads to the unlikeliest of daddies.

This guy.



Drew Carey’s son!

Where were his parent’s as he was out in the streets starting fires and yelling “screw our president” on camera?

Who knows…

Bravo Drew Carey….Bravo…


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