Posting Pictures of Your Kids on Social Media? Parent’s in France Might Want to Think Twice…Here’s Why

We’re in the social media era and it’s the norm to post a million pictures of your family online. But there’s a huge reason that parents in France may want to stop. Keep reading to find out why…


From Mashable:

The French government earlier this year warned parents to stop posting images of their children on social media networks.

Under France’s rigorous privacy laws, parents could face penalties of up to a year in prison and a fine of €45,000 ($46,456) if convicted of publicising intimate details of their children without their consent.

This new legality is powerful food for thought for parenting in the Facebook era.

As adults, we often express dissatisfaction at the ways young people post their lives online. But if we turn the mirror on ourselves, do we as parents actually have the right to make our family photos public? If so, which ones?

Wow, fines and prison time?? What do you think of this? Comment below…

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