Here’s One Poll The Press Doesn’t Want You To See…. Obama Is Not as Well Liked as They Say

The mainstream media is obviously biased towards liberalism. They love the big lib, former president Barack Obama. Keep scrolling to see the poll they don’t want to share…


From Investors:

President Obama left the White House, the mainstream press was falling over itself proclaiming how popular he was.

“Obama leaving office on a very high note,” was a typical headline.

Yet despite the media’s fixation with polls, the press completely buried one of the more newsworthy poll findings — a Gallup report that came out last Friday, which took a final look at the President Obama’s popularity over his eight years in office.

obama-approvalThat poll found that Obama’s overall average approval rating was a dismal 47.9%.

Only three presidents scored worse than Obama since Gallup started doing these surveys in 1945: never-elected Gerald Ford (47.2%), one-termer Jimmy Carter (45.4%), and Harry Truman (45.4%).

Obama even did worse overall than Richard Nixon, whose average approval was 49%, and was less popular overall than George W. Bush, who got an average 49.4%.

That sounds newsworthy, doesn’t it? But you’d never know this if you relied on the mainstream press for information. That’s because not one of them reported on Gallup’s finding.

I don’t think this comes as a surprise to conservatives, they know that he isn’t approved of. Quite the opposite, actually. Conservatives are ecstatic to have President Trump in office now, undoing the damage Obama has caused.

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