Politico Writer Fired After Inappropriate Tweet About Donald Trump Committing Incest

Julia Ioffe, a Politico contributor posted a link to an article about Ivanka moving into the White House. Along with the article she made a comment about Donald Trump committing incest with his daughter. She has now lost her job with Politico over the Tweet.


From The Blaze:
Ioffe has since deleted the post, but not before a social media furor excoriated her for the bias against Trump and obscene insinuation. Ioffe had been transitioning from Politico to The Atlantic, but after the controversy, they fired her immediately. She addressed the anger afterward:

She compared it to how social censorship operates in Russia where freedom of speech isn’t respected much:

I admit that Donald Trump has made some plain weird comments about his daughter, but Ioffe’s comment was way out of line and disgusting to make such accusations.

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