Police Are Disgusted After Finding 2 Kids Tied Up Outside and 6 More Inside, Then They Notice the Mother’s Condition

Police stumble upon a horrific case of child abuse when responding to a call.  A neighbor reported hearing children crying outside at the late hours of the night.  Nothing could have prepared them for what they found. The crying was coming from a 2 year old boy who was chained up and a 3 year old girl who was tied up with a dog leash, both outside.  When they entered the home, it gets worse…


From Newsiosity:

Investigators showed up at the home and knocked on the door, but no one responded. They searched the yard behind the house and found two toddlers. A 2-year-old boy was chained up and a 3-year-old girl was tied to a door with a leash. The girl had a broken arm.

Inside the home, police found six more children, ranging from 10 months to 13 years old. All the children have been removed, brought for medical treatment and placed with Child Protective Services.

While police were investigating, the father of the six children in the home returned from work. He was detained by police, though so far he has not been arrested or charged. Police searched for the mother and father of the two children in the yard.

Porucha Phillips, 36, mother of the eight children and pregnant with her ninth child, was found and arrested. She was charged with a third-degree felony count of injury to a child by omission resulting in bodily injury, among other things.


This is disgusting, thank God these children don’t have to live with this horrific abuse any longer.

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