Paul Ryan Can’t Stop Laughing As Democrats Protest Trump’s Election Certification (Video)

House speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t hide his amusement when Democrats wouldn’t stop protesting the election of Donald Trump. Congress met to certify the electoral votes cast for the 2016 presidential election. Democrats couldn’t accept that this was not a debate.


From Daily Caller:

“Mr. President, I object on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the intelligence committee,” Rep. Barbara Lee said before Biden cut her off and she was drowned out by boos.

“There is no debate. Debate is prohibited,” he said. “Objection cannot be received.”

Ryan can be seen smiling throughout the protests.

“Mr. President, I object to the votes from the state of Wisconsin, which should not be legally certified,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee insisted.

“Please come to order,” a visibly frustrated Biden said.

Jackson Lee then tried to bring up “the Russian intrusion,” and was again silenced.

Ryan finally lost it and started laughing when Rep. Maxine Waters stood up and asked, “is there one United States senator who would join me in this letter?”

Hahahaha! I feel the same way Paul Ryan… So funny!

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