Obama’s EPA Want’s to Fine Alaskans for Burning Wood to Keep Warm

Alaska isn’t always freezing, depending on the season and what area you’re in. But, up near the Arctic in the far North, it stays pretty cold year round. Winter around the state can range between 15 and 30 degrees BELOW zero. The federal Environmental Protection Agency is now going to make it hard and really expensive for Alaskans to keep warm in these below freezing temperatures.

From US Herald:

It’s simply a fact of life in a state where heating oil is expensive and natural gas in unavailable.

But now, in its infinite wisdom, the federal Environmental Protection Agency – headquartered in far away Washington, D.C., has decreed that Alaskans in cities like Fairbanks, will be in “serious noncompliance” of the Clean Air Act if they continue… keeping themselves warm.

Both state and local authorities have been searching for ways to address the problem of small-particle pollution caused by wood-burning stoves, even going so far as to suggest fining residents who burn wood in their homes for heating purposes.

One Fairbanks newspaper put the problem in stark terms of two “unpalatable alternatives: More stringent restrictions on home heating devices that could impact residents’ ability to heat their homes affordably, or choosing to stand pat and accept a host of costly economic sanctions and health effects to residents.”

In the typical bureaucrat-speak of the federal government, the EPA official overseeing the Alaskan region protests that he “was definitely not trying to take away anyone’s wood stove, or make life more expensive,” adding that it is the EPA’s job to enforce standards set by the Clean Air Act.

The Obama administration and of course Obama thinks he’s God. He obviously wants everything under his control, even citizen’s land and their right to burn wood to keep warm.

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