Neglected Dog Was So Hungry She Ate Her Own Puppies Leading Up to Her Owner’s Arrest

Heartbreaking that the owners of this dog cared so little about her. She was left on a chain in the yard to starve to death. Out of survival, she ended up eating her puppies. This is completely disgusting…

From Daily Mail:

One of the dogs, named Chi Chi, was found in distress at the side of the house covered in scars and with her ears mutilated.

Deandre Goodson, 21, who is facing animal cruelty charges

Deandre Goodson, 21, who is facing animal cruelty charges

She had eaten her own puppies and was so weak she was unable to walk.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement: ‘Authorities were able to contact Goodson by phone who agreed to meet deputies at the Hernando County Animal Services offices in Brooksville.

‘Goodson said a friend, Breon Wyatt, had given him the dog about a year ago.

‘He indicated the dog got out of the yard a couple of months ago and he had only recently found Chi Chi and brought her back home.

‘Goodson confirmed Chi Chi gave birth to two puppies about two week ago, but she had eaten them.

‘Goodson said he feeds Chi Chi regularly and wasn’t sure why the dog was so skinny.

‘He also stated the dog’s injuries were the result of the other two dogs attacking her.’

I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like this guy is straight up lying when he said he fed this dog. This is 100% animal cruelty. So disgusting.

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