The BIZARRE Mystery Behind George Michael’s Last Few Months Prior To His Death

18 months prior to George Michael’s unexpected death, he was staying at the most expensive rehab facility.

The sky high price tag ensures the utmost privacy. The staff has never spoken to the media about their clients and rightly so with their charge of $70,000 a week. The rehab stay has brought up a lot of questions surrounding his mental and physical health prior to his death.

From Daily Mail:

Last year he underwent three months of treatment at the Kusnacht Practice, near Zurich, which charges an eye-watering £70,000 a week.

Michael refused to discuss the reasons for his stay.

In 2011 the International Busi2ness Times reported his hospitalization for pneumonia in Vienna had sparked speculation on social media that he had HIV.

But the star’s spokeswoman released a statement at the time stating: ‘George Michael is ill with pneumonia and any other speculation regarding his illness is unfounded and untrue.’

Michael, who died of heart failure at his home in Oxfordshire on Christmas Day, had admitted to being addicted to a string of drugs.

Having made his name as a hunky pop star in the 1980s, surrounded by adoring female fans, it was years before the star – born Georgios Panayiotou – was open about his sexuality.

His Brazilian lover Anselmo Feleppa died from an HIV-related illness in 1993 and his mother Lesley’s death in 1997 plunged him into an abyss of depression.

Michael once said: ‘I lost my partner to HIV then it took about three years to grieve; then after that I lost my mother. I felt almost like I was cursed.’

He was arrested in Beverly Hills in 1998 for engaging in a lewd act with a man – what is sometimes referred to as cottaging – in a public toilet.

Then in February 2006 he was arrested and charged with possession of class C drugs and in July of the same year he was accused in the press of engaging in sexual activity on London’s Hampstead Heath.

In 2010, he was jailed for crashing his Range Rover into a shop front while under the influence of drugs. He checked himself into a 14-day detox at a clinic after the crash, and later explained that he had been addicted to sleeping tablets. No-show: George Michael failed to show up for the wedding of close pal Geri Halliwell last year amid fears over his health

In 2011 Michael admitted trying crack cocaine and last year he failed to show up at close pal Geri Halliwell’s wedding amid renewed speculation he was using drugs and was smoking 25 marijuana spliffs a day.

It’s been a rough life for George Michael since the loss of his partner and his mother a few years after. I hope you can rest in peace now, we will forever remember your music.

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