Mom Driving on Highway Sees Minivan with Ice on Roof. Suddenly She Feels the Air ‘Rushing’ Through…

On snowy, blustery cold days, most people are only worried about clearing off their window’s to see and then quickly getting in their car to warm it up. One mom had a brush with death and now has a message for everyone during these cold winter months.

From IJR:

Hayley Crouse was pregnant with her son, Ethan, when she was driving down the highway on her way home from work. It was during the winter, and she noticed a white minivan traveling two cars in front of her had a giant sheet of ice on the roof. In a Facebook post, she describes the ice as 4-inches thick, and spanning the entire roof of the car.

Still heading down the highway, she watched as the ice broke loose and flipped through the air. The next thing she knew, it was slicing through her windshield—at 60 mph.

She writes on Facebook:

“I vividly remember seeing it suddenly come loose, flipping through the air and the next thing I knew, it was slicing through my windshield…

…I just remember the air was all of the sudden rushing through my windshield and I was terrified and I managed to pull my car to the side of the highway with trucks and car zooming past me.”

Crouse managed to safely pull her car over and call 911. She was in utter disbelief…

“I just sat there in disbelief that I was still alive,” she writes.

Thankfully, her near miss was just that. Everything checked out okay at the hospital, despite a few scrapes and “ingested” pieces of glass.

Crouse shares her harrowing tale to let others know that despite the seeming rarity of it, her story isn’t unique. This same kind of accident happened just one week later with fatal results. As she explains in her post:

“A week after this happened to me, a mother of 2 was killed by the same exact situation and it really really hit me just how lucky I was.”

Crouse begs drivers not to let ice and snow accumulate on the roof of the car. She also notes to Independent Journal Review that tailgating, another dangerous habit, had nothing to do with the accident. In fact, because there was another car between her and the minivan, she was the perfect distance for the ice sheet to strike after catching air “like a kite.”

Do you ever think about the snow and ice on the top of your car? I’ll admit that I never did until now. I’ll be thinking twice the next time I need to clear my car off before driving.

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