Michelle Obama Gets SLAMMED After Suggesting That Trump is the End of ‘Hope’ for America

In an Oprah Winfrey interview Michelle Obama insinuates that Trumps presidency is the end of hope for America. She gets slammed by the response. Democrats are still not able to come to terms with the election results.


From Fox News:

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday was gracious to first lady Michelle Obama, yet he countered her suggestion that the United States has lost “hope” since Trump’s November victory, saying Obama must have been talking “about the past.”

“Michelle Obama says there is no hope,” Trump said at a rally in Alabama. “I assume she was talking about the past not the future. I honestly believe she meant that statement differently than the way it came out.”

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker was even more blunt during his opening remarks for Trump, speaking directly to Obama: “Yes, Michelle, we have hope again.”

Obama said in an excerpt of her final White House interview, conducted by Oprah Winfrey: “We feel the difference now. … Now we’re feeling like what not having hope feels like. … What do you do if you don’t have hope, Oprah?”

The full interview is scheduled to air Monday on CBS-TV.

If you think that was something, check out Judge Jeanine Pirro. She doesn’t hold back AT ALL and completely unloads on Michelle Obama! Watch below…

Indeed, after 8 years, we have hope again! The hope that Donald Trump can make America great again!



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