Matt Walsh: Today is the REAL Women’s March

Today is the day of the March for Life in Washington, DC.

This is the real women’s march. This is where real rights are being stood up for. This is where the most innocent and vulnerable of us get a real voice. This is about them and not ourselves.

From The Blaze:

Today I’ll be at the March For Life in DC. I expect it to be different from the march that took over the city last week in a few important ways:

First, there won’t be nearly as many news cameras.

Second, there won’t be any vagina costumes or vagina signs or vagina hats. There won’t be any reproductive organs on display at all, except perhaps by the counter protesters. The participants will be putting their message — not their genitals — forward.

Third, the speakers won’t be going on any vulgar or profane tirades. The march will be family friendly.

Fourth, there won’t be any discussion of blowing up the White House.

Fifth, the marchers will not be demanding any special entitlements. They will not be looking for free birth control, or free tampons, or free anything. They will not be making any personal demands, because this march is not about them. The people who make their voices heard today do so not for their own sake. They do so for the sake of those who cannot speak for themselves.

The march participants stand to gain nothing from this. Their motivations cannot be selfish because their demands are not self-serving. Every single person — hundreds of thousands of them — will be marching in the place of someone else. The march last week, and so many others of its type, have been made up mostly of people saying, “Do such and such for me. Give me something. Help me. Me. Me. Me.” But the March For Life is different. The March For Life says, “Do this for them. Give them a chance. Give them their rights. Help them. Them. Them. Them.”

And the “them,” of course, are pre-born children. Whereas the people at the so-called Women’s March said, “Forget them, let them die,” we at the March For Life say, “Remember them, let them live.” These are the two competing points of view. Here is the great dividing line in our culture. The question is asked and must be answered: “Should these children be given a chance to live or not?” How you answer that question will determine on which side of the line you belong.

So, today is the real Women’s March. And the real Men’s March. And the Children’s March. The Father’s March. The Mother’s March. The American March. The People’s March. Or you can just call it by its original, and very appropriate, name: the March For Life.

Compare the respectable women and families of the March for life to the images of the women in the “Women’s March” and their vulgar signs and costumes. There is nothing else to be said, no question about which one is the real deal. It speaks for itself.

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