Mark Wahlberg: ‘I’ll Just Go Back to Jail’ If Justin Bieber Dates His Daughter (Video)

Mark Wahlberg was on the Ellen show and he talked about his family, mainly his teenage daughter who loves Justin Bieber. “Over my dead body,” Wahlberg says he’ll go back to jail if Justin Bieber ever looks at his daughter like that.

From Unilad:

He said:

She liked him a lot when she was younger… Turned on him completely. A lot of people did.

Presumably this was the point when Bieber was hitting headlines harder than his lyrics and couldn’t stay out of trouble with the law.

He said:

And then [he] came back with a vengeance. That’s when Wahlberg says his daughter fell in love with Justin Bieber all over again.

The 45-year-old actor then hilariously poked fun at his own stint in prison, as he laid down the law for his daughter Elle, when it came to dating the controversial popstar.

With my daughter at the New Orleans premiere of @deepwaterhorizonmovie

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Mimicking his daughter, he said:

Dad, that’s gonna be my husband.

I said, ‘Over my dead body. Actually, over both your dead bodies, I’ll just go back to jail.’

Here’s the hilarious footage:


The Biebs better watch out! Mark Wahlberg doesn’t play…especially when it comes to his daughter!

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