Gov. Rick Scott Pissed Off the Liberals by Calling Trump Instead of Obama After Florida Shooting

Florida Governor Rick Scott gave a call to President-elect Donald Trump instead of President Obama after the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport and the liberals are pissed! When reporters wouldn’t stop pressing the issue Scott told them that “this isn’t the time to get political.”



From The Blaze:

In the aftermath of the attack, Scott told the media during a press conference that Obama had yet to reach out to him and that he had not tried contacting Obama. Instead, the Florida governor said that he had spoken to Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence “several times” in the hours following the shooting.

“I have reached out to President-elect Trump, and spoken to him and to Vice President-elect (Mike) Pence multiple times to keep them informed, and they told me whatever resources that we need from the federal government, they would do everything in their power to make that happen,” Scott said, according to CBS News.

But when pressed by reporters multiple times if he had reached out to Obama, he continually stated that he had not and that the aftermath of a shooting isn’t time to get “political.”

And that did not go over well with Democrats:

Hahaha! Come on liberals! Stop politicizing a mass shooting! Obviously Rick Scott felt more comfortable reaching out to Donald Trump because Obama didn’t do much for him at the night club terrorist attack last year.


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