Jimmy Kimmel Does It Again: Proves Americans Really Don’t Know Jack About Healthcare

Jimmy Kimmel has a hilarious segment called “Positive Spin” where they excitedly and positively talk about something that is bad news, spinning it as good news.  The millennials they interview are idiots and know nothing about “Obamacare” watch below…


From IJR:

In October, he introduced the new “Positive Spin” segment to his audience:

“Premiums are going up next year by an average of 25%…here’s the gist, if you hate Obama, this is his fault and if you like him, it’s not his fault at all.”

Kimmel acknowledged that a large factor in how someone responds to a story is how the information is presented, not what the information actually is.

The first edition of “Positive Spin” featured a “reporter” with a peppy voice asking the average person on the street if they were “psyched” about the increase.

When informed about the “good news” of the double-digit increase, one girl was eager to get on board:

Image Credit: YouTube

She excitedly told one man that Obama made good on his promise to raise premiums. Then, she asked if he wanted to send a thank you to the president. He responded:

Image Credit: YouTube

The “reporter” asked if one person thought he “finally has the high premium he deserves?” He said:

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One guy thought Obama’s premium increase would be one of his “greatest contributions.” When asked how high he’d like to see premiums go, he paused for a moment and responded enthusiastically:

Image Credit: YouTube

One participant seemed confident in his definition of premiums when he said:

“They’re just healthcare stuff that are premium and they’re going up because it’s better to go higher than to go lower.”

Only one girl seemed to agree that she probably didn’t “understand” premiums at all.

Hahahaha! This is hilarious and equally SAD! These are the Obama lovers for ya!

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