Chicago Foursome in Custody After Kidnapping and Beating a Special Needs Trump Supporter

A disgusting video was streamed on Facebook live of a special needs man being beaten by 4 African-American people. The reason? Because he is a Trump supporter. You can actually hear a woman laughing as a man beats him while yelling “F*&% Trump!”





From The Blaze:

The victim is reportedly special needs, and was a “high-risk missing person” according to police.

During the video, the foursome can be heard saying things like “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!” and laughing as they torture the man.

Watch the edited version from Fox32 in Chicago below. Some may consider this graphic.


This flies in the face of those who think Donald Trump shouldn’t be president because of the “violence done in his name.”

Well then, who should we blame for this violence? Obama?

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