Sickening new ISIS video shows TODDLERS shooting prisoners dead in a ball pit and cutting their throats at an abandoned children’s playground

Warning: Very upsetting content! ISIS released a sickening video of the evil they are teaching innocent little kids! No toddler should know how to shoot a gun, let alone to kill a PERSON! Sickening!


From Daily Mail:

The video comes after Iraqi forces took control of the eastern end of the southernmost bridge in Mosul, Iraq, today.

Elite Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTS) ‘reached the Tigris River from the eastern (side) of the fourth bridge,’ Sabah al-Noman told news agency AFP.

The news was also confirmed by Iraqi army Staff Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah.

Their push to the banks of the Tigris River marks a symbolic and tactical victory for the Iraqi forces but they have much work left to do to take full control of Mosul’s eastern side.

Having eyes on the river should further complicate IS’s already reduced ability to resupply the eastern front with fighters and weapons from the west bank, which it still firmly controls.

This is why ISIS needs to be taken seriously and there needs to be plans to take them out! 10 more days and President Trump will be after them!

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