You’ll Never Guess What This Potential Home Buyer Found in a Detroit Garage That Lead to a Huge Investigation

A potential home buyer was walking through a home in Detroit. When he got to the garage he never expected what happened next.  The tenants who currently live in the home said that the owners have told them not to go into the garage for anything. Sounds fishy, right? See what lead to the huge investigation.

From Detroit News:

A “mummified” body that was found Thursday afternoon in a garage in Detroit will be examined next week by an anthropologist to try and determine a host of factors including gender and cause of death, Wayne County officials said Friday.

The discovery, police say, happened around 1 p.m. when a potential home buyer was inspecting the garage of a home in the 19900 block of Spencer. The body was in the backseat of a 1990 or 1991 Plymouth Acclaim, authorities said.

Lloyd Jackson, a spokesman for Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office, said officials estimate that the body had been there for “years” and was beyond the decomposition stage when “the body is brown.”

The potential homeowner “opened up the car door and observed this decomposed body inside,” Donakowski said. “We talked to the current tenants of that location and they were told that the actual homeowners had said basically don’t go in the garage, don’t put anything in the garage.”

Donakowski said there is an ongoing investigation and that the homeowner will be contacted.

This investigation is still open as they try and ID the body and find out why the homeowners were so secretive about their garage.

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