Whoopi Goldberg Compares Abortions With Trump Building a Wall

Whoopi Goldberg and Jedediah Bila get into a heated argument over Planned Parenthood and their federal funding. Whoopi thinks that the funding of building a wall on the Mexican border is comparable to funding the genocide of unborn babies.


From Too Fab:

“Look, I don”t want to pay for this new wall that suddenly we are now paying for,” Goldberg shouted, comparing paying for president-elect Donald Trump’s proposed wall between the U.S. and Mexico to paying for abortions.

“My religious background says that I’m supposed to make sure that people are serviced, that’s what my religion says. I’m not there to judge. God judges. I’m paying for stuff I don’t want to pay for. I don’t want to pay for a wall.”

And Whoopi wasn’t done there.

“Do people still not have their facts straight about who’s going to actually be affected by Planned Parenthood’s removal?” Goldberg asked. “There is no line item in the federal budget that goes to Planned Parenthood. No tax dollars. Can we just say that again? Because the myth of federal tax dollars for abortions has been discredited, we’ve said it a million times, all those videos you keep seeing have been discredited. The only people who are going to eat it when Planned Parenthood goes away are women who need the services.”

Bila piped up and said, “Religious [people take issue with] donating to an organization they feel condones and supports something that they don’t. It’s their money. So they’re saying look, you want to have an abortion? That’s your right, that’s your body.”

“Apparently it’s not,” Goldberg shot back, “because if it was my right, you wouldn’t give a crap whether I was having an abortion.”

Bila argued that those advocating for the pro-life platform “don’t care” if women have abortions and are “not trying to” impose their beliefs on other U.S. citizens, but Goldberg begged to differ.

“Whether you subscribe to people having abortions or not should have nothing to do with what I do or what I need,” Goldberg said. “If I’m a low-income person and I’ve been raped you don’t have the right to tell me if I should have an abortion.”

Bila continued with her argument that the government is correct in attempting to deny Planned Parenthood federal funding, and summoned to memory the videos that reportedly featured the clinics profiting from the sale of deceased fetal tissue. “I know you brought up the videos that some people feel have been debunked—” Bila started to say, but Goldberg interrupted.

“Listen, they’re bulls–t! My thing about America is that people have to pay their fair share for things they don’t like and things they do like. You may not like abortion — don’t have one.”

The two argued until the time came for a commercial break, and Goldberg said, “I can’t even do this anymore. I can’t do it! I can’t do it! We’re going to take a break! We’ll be right back! God!”

It astounds me how the fact that these are living babies we are talking about is completely ignored! Where that baby’s body starts is the end of your body and the beginning of another person!

Don’t get me started on this Whoopi, you will not win…

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