GINGRICH: Racism Got Worse Under Obama (Video)

Former Republican, Newt Gingrich, says that Obama’s presidency has widened the racial divide in America. He was on Fox News discussing the hate crime 4 black people committed on a white special needs man. Watch below…


From Newsiosity:

According to Breitbart News, the former House speaker also accused Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, of worsening the problem. “I think a lot of their approach heightened that racial tension, and I think we have to oppose white racism,” he explained on Fox News.

Responding to a video posted on Facebook Live that depicted four black men assaulting a mentally-ill white man, Gingrich declared: “We also have to oppose black racism, and if this had been done to a African-American by four whites, there would be no question it was a hate crime.” The former speaker argued that the United States is “at the edge of a terrible period.”

Citing the ongoing violence on the streets of one Midwest city, Gingrich told Fox News: “There have been nearly 4,000 people shot in Chicago with no effective response from Mayor Emanuel and no effective response from President Obama. I think people feel that they’re really alienated from their government, and you have no one to turn to, and you end up with this really destructive, and I think frightening, kind of development.”

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