Forget Starbucks, Check Out the Very Inappropriate Silhouette on McDonald’s Holiday Cup

Starbucks couldn’t get all of the attention with their red holiday cups, McDonald’s needed to get in on this outrage. Many believe that the picture is not what it seems. Can you see what’s hiding in the holiday design?


From The Daily Buzz:

Okay. Maybe I’m over exaggerating. There is no actual proof that McDonalds purposely placed an inappropriate silhouette on their holiday branded McCafe cup.

But guess what? That doesn’t matter… because the entire internet and all of social media can see it and they’re making… well, a stink about it.

Did you notice the sneaky, potentially inappropriate silhouette in the above image? Yes, clearly they intended to make a pair of gloves, or mittens, drawn together. To invoke warmth! And holidays! And the lovely hot drink you have purchased!


(CREDIT: BuzzFeed)
But… most people are just seeing a butt. And not just a butt, mind you. A butt of a person who has bent forward and may even be… spreading him or herself open.

Well now that they drew the hands there, I see it! Would you have noticed this at first glance or did this come straight from a gutter minded person? Whatever it may be, it sure is funny!

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