BREAKING: FL shooter allegedly told FBI in November he was being forced to fight for ISIS

The Fort Lauderdale, airport shooting suspect was apparently forced by ISIS to commit the crime. He reported this to the FBI months ago. The question is, was this a mental issue or does he really have ties to ISIS?


From The Blaze:

Santiago’s brother Bryan, who lives in Puerto Rico, spoke with NBC News Friday afternoon. He told reporters that Santiago served in the National Guard in Puerto Rico for six years, and also deployed to Iraq for a year. Santiago then served in the Alaska Army National Guard as a combat engineer, where he was discharged for unsatisfactory performance, according to KTUU. Santiago’s aunt, Maria Luisa Ruiz, told reporters that Santiago was in the hospital two months ago.

“Something got to him. It looks like he lost his mind. He would say that he would see things. I don’t know. So he went to the hospital. That’s what I know. That’s what the mother told me, who lives in Puerto Rico,” Ruiz said.

As Santiago’s story emerges, it remains unclear whether he actually had ties to or contact with ISIS, or whether his attempt to turn himself in to the FBI was merely a manifestation of the severe mental health issues described by family and friends. It remains possible that Santiago’s true motive for his actions may never be fully understood.

What do you think of the man’s claims?

Does he really have ties with ISIS or was he just having major mental issues?

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