The EPA is Spreading the Idea That People Can Choose Their Own Gender

In all of history it has been common knowledge that you are the gender you were born as. Your genitals give away your gender from the ultrasound preformed while still in the womb. The idea that we can choose what gender we “identify” with is so absurd. The Environmental Protection Agency is now creating it’s own policies on how to define gender.

From Natural News:

The EPA is collecting data from its employees through the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) program, asking them to voluntarily provide information on their sexual orientation and on whether they identify as male, female or a combination of both genders.

In addition to spreading the lie that a person can be a hybrid of both male and female at the same time, the EPA indicates that a person can identify with no gender at all. Not too many years ago, this type of idea would have been considered preposterous and laughable. But now, people in the federal government distribute ideas like these with straight faces.

Expanding information-gathering reach

The program was originally carried out just in the Midwest region of the country, and has recently become a national information-gathering initiative. By 2017, it is expected that the EPA will collect gender identity and sexual orientation information not just from employees, but also from those applying for jobs within the powerful federal agency.

The EPA’s goal in gathering this information from employees and candidates nationwide is to create more inclusive workplaces, and it believes that having this intimate information is essential for workplaces to be inclusive of all gender identifications and sexual orientations.

Matt Fritz, the EPA’s chief of staff, claimed in an announcement that the SOGI information would be an “important resource for developing workforce engagement strategies and improving organizational performance.” However, it is unclear how knowing about employees’ gender identifications and sexual orientations would accomplish those lofty objectives.

Leave it to the new, “everything goes”, “tolerance” generation to come up with this crazy idea. This is as ridiculous as me claiming that I identify with white people, so I’m not Mexican anymore.

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