Disney Star Releases His Own S*x Tape On Instagram… Desperate For Publicity?

“That’s So Raven” Star, Orlando Brown, leaked his own s*x tape for New Years… As a D list celebrity, this was obviously some kind of ploy to get publicity.  This is something nobody needed to see… ever…

Just reading the comments over this video, I can see that it is not something I ever want or need to see. That is not a picture I want in my head! But if you dare to have this ingrained into your memory you only need to click here… Beware! This can’t be unseen!





Yup, toss that computer… if you watched his video I’m sure that you are so done with the internet for today.

Wow, really??

Gross! So glad I didn’t watch it.

Mhhmmmm…. I concur, it’s all for publicity.

Yuck, I really hope that wasn’t the case.

Well I , for one, DO NOT need to learn the hard way. I hope none of you clicked that link! Hahaha!

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