Debbie Reynolds Chilling Last Words Before Her Death Just One Day After Losing Her Daughter, Carrie Fisher

It seems that Debbie Reynolds couldn’t hold on any longer after the loss of her dear daughter, Carrie Fisher. The iconic, “Singin’ in the Rain” actress had been struggling with her health with multiple strokes this year. What she told TMZ just minutes before her death will give you chills.

From The Blaze:

“I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie,” Reynolds said, according to TMZ. She made the comment while she was at the home of her son, Todd Fisher, talking about the 60-year-old “Star Wars” actress’ funeral. Fifteen minutes later, Reynolds suffered a stroke that eventually resulted in her death.

Todd Fisher, speaking to CNN on Thursday, said Reynolds was granted her wish.

“She’s with Carrie now,” he told the outlet.

I’m sure the family is suffering from such a double whammy loss. At least they can take solace in the fact that they know their mother is where she wants to be now, with Carrie.


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