Couric Baited Betty White to Trash President Trump But What Betty Said Next She NEVER Saw Coming…

The liberal biased mainstream media takes every shot they can at Donald Trump, even when the segment has NOTHING to do with him! This is what happened when Katie Couric met with Betty White to celebrate her 95th Birthday. See below…

From Conservative Tribune:

Journalist Katie Couric met with actress Betty White earlier this month to talk about the entertainment legend’s secrets for her longevity. One of White’s tips for a long, happy life included a positive outlook.

During the interview marking White’s 95th birthday, Couric tried to goad White into saying something negative about President Donald Trump.

It didn’t work.

When Couric asked White about the state of our nation and how divided it’s become, White agreed that it was divided but added that it wasn’t a reason to be negative. Instead, it was a reason to be positive.

Couric continued on the subject, noting that “there’s so much negativity from the highest office in the land,” and wondered if some people could even be positive.

But White had her answer.

“So many people think negatively. It’s like, ‘Oh, you know what I hate?’ Instead of, ‘All right, I”ll get through this, but you know what I love?’” White said. “Then all of a sudden you start lifting up a little bit. But, if you start with, ‘You know what I hate,’ you’re gonna go right down the tubes.”

It’s not surprising to see a member of the mainstream media encouraging someone to say something negative about Trump, but White would have no part of it.

White, who told Couric she was a “cockeyed optimist,” said in a separate interview with WABC-TV that focusing on the positive instead of the negative has allowed her to live a long life.

Take a look at part of White’s interview with Couric below:


Haha! The liberals sure could be a lot more positive! This negativity is sending them to therapy, cry rooms and depression!

Take note libs!

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