Sheriff Clarke won’t talk to ‘fake news’ CNN until Trump says they’re OK again

Sheriff Clarke refuses to have an interview with CNN because of their now publicized label of fake news. See how Clarke responds to the request…

From The Blaze:

A CNN reporter posted on his social media account a combative email reportedly sent Friday by Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke in response to a request for an interview.

The email from the popular Fox News commentator read as follows:

Donald Trump has labeled CNN as fake news.

When Pres. Trump says CNN is ok again, then I might.

Did they ever apologize on the Buzzfeed lie?

Clarke referred to the story that CNN broke about the Russian government possibly having damaging information on President Trump. This was conflated with the dossier that Buzzfeed released to much disapproval and roundly criticized as a falsified and unsubstantiated document. Trump and his supporters have tainted the CNN report by identifying it with the much-maligned Buzzfeed release, a comparison that CNN vehemently rejected.

Trump is done with CNN, this isn’t looking good for them.

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