Charlie Sheen Disrespects Donald Trump in Disgusting Tweet; Twitter Throws it Back in His Face

Charlie Sheen isn’t the best person to have anything negative to say about anyone…Ever… His track record is sketchy to say the least. Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, marital problems, allegations of domestic violence, and  a very public break down where he acted totally bizarre in TV interviews. Winning!

Sheen got on Twitter and had a really hateful and disrespectful thing to say about Donald Trump…

Twitter users were not going to let that one slide…


Someone needs to tell Charlie Sheen that making America a better place starts with self. It’s not all on Donald Trump, though he has great ideas and policies to help make America great again. The biggest responsibility lies on each citizen, it starts at home. Drug, alcohol, and sex addiction is not how we’re going to make America great. Be better Charlie, then maybe your comments will hold water.

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