They Installed a Camera After Suspecting Their Roommates of Tampering With Their Stuff. What They Found, Disgusting

A couple who were sharing a house with another man and woman started to suspect that something wasn’t right. On different occasions they noticed long blonde hair in the woman’s underwear drawer and objects moved around. This caused them to invest into a camera to see what was really going on and what they found was disgusting!


From Shocking Times:

They set up a video camera to find out if their suspicious were true, but what the couple saw when they played back the video, left them in a total state of shock. Their concerns that the housemates were sneaking into the bedroom was confirmed and Sarah was understandably angry when the woman helped herself to Sarah’s beauty products and makeup, but what they saw when the man went into the en-suite bathroom caused Sarah to breakdown into tears.

The man walks into the bathroom and picks up a toothbrush, and proceeds to give his genitals a good scrubbing, it would have been disconcerting if he had decided to clean his teeth, but polishing his manhood was quite another thing.

Ewe! What would you do if you discovered your roommate doing this to your toothbrush??

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