A Body Was Discovered in the Home of a Missing Woman’s Ex-Husband

Mother of two, Christine Johnson went missing a few weeks ago. The family and law enforcement have been looking everywhere for her. Today her mother got the heartbreaking news that a body has been found in the woman’s ex-husband’s home. The body has not yet been ID’d, read the details here…


From Fox News:

More than two weeks after Anne-Christine Johnson, a 30-year-old mother to two children, was reported missing by League City police, a detective has informed the woman’s mother that a body has been found wrapped in a plastic sheeting inside the garage of the young woman’s ex-husband.

Anne-Christine, who was last seen on Chesterfield Lane in League City, was reported missing on Dec. 12 and last made contact by electronic communication on Dec. 8. She was supposed to meet with her family for dinner and never arrived.

Stephanie told FOX 26 that she had initiated a Go Fund Me page for Anne-Christine in June, in which she posted a photo of her daughter, bruised and battered, saying she needed help with attorneys’ fees and claiming Anne-Christine had been beaten, strangled and threatened by her ex-husband with a gun. A police report from June 2015 confirms something happened between them. The summary on the report reads “former spouses assaulted each other.” The result of the investigation cannot be disclosed because another agency is still looking into the matter, FOX 26 has learned.

It seems to be exactly how it sounds. Given the history of abuse, I’m sure the ex-husband is going down for murder.

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