Berlin Truck Attacker is MUSLIM MIGRANT Who Was NEVER DEPORTED, BURNED DOWN SCHOOL in Italy and Was Arrested 3 Times

With President Obama, this is what America’s future was looking like. Without vetting refugees, Islamic extremists sneak right in!  President Obama has been welcoming them with open arms, carelessly letting anyone into our country. This Muslim Migrant in Germany was never served deportation papers after committing several crimes!

From Pamela Geller:


  • Terror suspect Anis Amri, 23, from Tunisa served four years in an Italian prison for an arson attack on a school
  • His ID was found in the footwell of the truck used in Monday’s attack which claimed 12 lives and injured 48
  • German security officials had Amri under close surveillance between March and September this year
  • He was suspected of dealing drugs and planning robberies to finanance the purchase of assault rifles
  • Amri allegedly arrested for GBH and having fake passport but vanished in December before the attack

By Allan Hall In Berlin and Martin Robinson, Uk Chief Reporter and Julian Robinson for MailOnline, 21 December 2016:

Armed police tonight stormed two apartments in the hunt for the Berlin terror attack suspect after it was revealed he had been under the surveillance of German intelligence agencies for several months.

Commandos raided two addresses in Berlin as police launched a Europe-wide search for Tunisian national Anis Amri, who remains on the run more than 48 hours after the atrocity which claimed 12 lives.

German security services face difficult questions after it emerged that Amris, a lifelong criminal, should have been deported months ago.

The 23-year-old, who has a 100,000 euro reward under his head, was under the surveillance of German intelligence for several months following his arrival in the country last year.

He was arrested three times this year and his asylum application was rejected, but deportation papers were never served and he disappeared.

The Tunisian radical was known to be a supporter of Islamic State and to have received weapons training.

He tried to recruit an accomplice for a terror plot – which the authorities knew about it – but still remained at large.

It also emerged that he served four years in an Italian jail after he set fire to a school.

A European arrest warrant revealed Amri has used at least six different aliases under three different nationalities.

Today his family, who remain in Tunisia, said Amri ‘deserves every condemnation’ if he is guilty of the massacre. His parents are being questioned by police as continue to try and track down the fugitive.

Berlin prosecutors announced they had launched an investigation into Amri on March 14 after receiving a tip-off from federal security agencies.

It was claimed, Amri was planning a string of break-ins or robberies to purchase automatic weapons for use in a terror attack.

Surveillance showed that Amri was involved in drug dealing in a Berlin park and involved in a bar brawl, but no evidence to substantiate the original warning. The observation was called off in September.

He arrived in Germany in July 2015 and was given a hearing by immigration authorities in April this year. He was denied the right to asylum and was due to be deported before the end of the year.

But under a peculiarity of the German asylum system he was granted a ‘Duldung’ or toleration papers allowing him to stay for unknown reasons.

According to BILD newspaper the German authorities were in touch with their Tunisian counterparts to get him a passport so he could be kicked out. But Tunis said it had no record of him being a citizen.

Tunisia has now been accused of delaying his extradition as it emerged that new ID papers had only just arrived in Germany today – two days after the carnage.

Amri was put on a danger list shortly after arriving – a move which meant authorities considered him prone to extreme violence. Yet just how much surveillance he was under remains unclear.

In July this year he got into a knife fight over drugs and was charged with GBH. But he went underground before getting to court.

Yet he surfaced again in August in Ludwigsburg when he was arrested for possessing a fake Italian document. Again, why he was allowed to slip through the fingers of the security services, given his known affiliation to hate preachers, is unclear.

Before his vanishing act he had contact with Salafist preachers who promoted Jihad among German young men who converted to Islam.

Thankfully Donald Trump is now stepping up as our president and he will be taking care of criminal, illegal immigrants.

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