Jammar Rollins Pulls Gun on Officers and Gets Shot, Family Claims His Hands Were Up

In West Perrine, Florida, a man names Jammar Rollins was shot by officers after pulling a gun out on them.

Now family members of Rollins are claiming that his hands were up. Another ploy in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. See the details of what happened that night below…

From Blue Lives Matter:

Carlos Rosario, Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman, said that two Miami-Dade Police Officers stopped Rollins about 6:40 p.m. in the 10100 block of Indigo St. because of erratic driving.  A passenger in Rollins’ vehicle got out and fled.  Rollins, age 21, who was the driver of the vehicle, then got out, pulled out a handgun, when officers responded by shooting him.  Rosario said “We do have one subject at the scene who is deceased. We also have one firearm at the scene.”

Rollins’ family denied that he had a gun or owned a gun and said that he had his hands up.  One relative said that he was shot “like an animal” and “they (Police officers) would kill an African-American man with no problem.”

Even though the family says that Rollins shouldn’t have been shot, they suggested that if Rollins actually pulled a gun on officers, he should have been shot in the leg.

The second suspect has not yet been identified or located.  No one else was injured.

Both Miami-Dade Officers that were involved have nine years of experience.  Their names were not released.  Both Officers will be placed on administrative leave during the officer-involved shooting investigation, which is standard procedure.  They were not injured.  Miami-Dade Police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are conducting the investigation.

These are the types of accusations that get police officers killed.

What do you think the Police department should do with the family making these false claims?



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